Simple ways of minimising waste: the Perth way!

Posted on 31 March 2018 (0)

Many of you may remember our last post about how a Perth company saved our day. Well, this time around I’ve got another special mention to a local business in Perth.

During our stay, we met Mark who owned a skip hire company ( We asked him how he got into the industry and he told us about his passion about keeping the place clean. It is the very reason to why he is now runs a bin hire business focusing on the South of the River suburbs.

He was an interesting chap and after spending a little bit of time with him, he had made me realise how precious our environment is and how important it is to promote ecological sustainability. So much so that I decide to write a brief post about how you can minimise waste at home. So please keep on reading:

How to Minimise Waste

Are you aware that you can minimize waste at home, in school and in the community? You must be worried thinking about ways on how to reduce waste. Let me give you some ways that you can easily manage.

  • Composting

Do you know that food scraps are the ones that makes strong stinky odor when spoiled and got wet. Pretty sure that you do want to avoid such bad odor. Why don’t you learn to make a small compost pit? You may get a big container with cover for this.

Through your compost, there would be a natural process of making fertilizers. You do not need chemicals here. So, when the process is complete, you can safely use this compost to feed your plants. The process might take some time. The wastes are slowly decomposed, but a safe way to make organic products and a good way to reduce waste.

  • Recovering Energy

There are wastes that you cannot recycle. But, these wastes may undergo a certain process and can be converted into a renewable source of energy, such as fuel, electricity or heat. With this method, wastes and carbon emission are reduced.

You are not going to do this process by yourself. Instead, collect your non-recyclable wastes and send them to people, who will do the process for you.

  • Avoiding wastes going to landfills

This will only happen if you can recycle and reuse your wastes. Instead of letting the wastes go to the landfills, keep and use them. Do not throw empty plastic and glass bottles because you can use them in the kitchen or for crafting different items, such as vases, flower pots, pen holders and other décors.

When you are in the department store, do not always pick items that would contribute in generating more waste. And then, if you have old or broken stuffs. Do not think about buying a new one right away. If you can still fix it, then that would be great.

Perth car rental company saved the day!

Posted on 13 March 2018 (0)

So I went for a holiday in Perth, Australia. In short, I had an awesome time over there. But the experience was almost ruined when  a hire car that I booked was cancelled by the company in question themselves at the very last minute! Needless to say, I was very angry at the time as I really needed a car to get around the metropolitan area. What is done is done, so I won’t mention which car company it was. Let bygone be bygone. So what did I do? I looked for another rental company of course. Like I said, I needed a vehicle to get around to do the sightseeing.

Well, I didn’t have to travel far in search for another one. It was literally a ten minute walk from the first place when I stumbled upon a car rental place. The place caught my attention with the advertisement of hiring a car for only $25AUD a day. Now I know I am not  local, but I have seen enough ads for rental cars to know that it was bargain. I know what many of you out there would say: be careful as there might be a catch at that very low price.


When I walked in, I was greeted by a chap named Nickolas. He was very neatly presented, and listened to my horror story that unfolded before. The fact that he actually listened to me was incredible. So the experience was off to a good start. Nick showed me the pamphlets he had showcasing the different type of cars available to me. To be honest, I was very impressed with their fleet. It was very comprehensive. From small cars to large people mover, it seemed that they had everything covered.

To cut a long story short, I ended up going with a medium car, something that is not too big but yet had ample of power for my needs.

In wrapping this story up, they saved the day! Well, as far as I’m concerned – they were my hero for allowing me to hire a suitable car at the very last minute. Thank you Nickolas for your patience and showing me the cars. Your help made it easy for me to decide.

So if you happen to read this post and thinking of traveling to Perth, I strongly recommend hiring a car with a reputable company.


Best travel destinations in Berlin

Posted on 11 March 2018 (0)

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is a center of politics, science, media, and culture. Much fascinating sightseeing came into existence in the result of World War 2. Berlin has recreated with diverse cultures and architecture. It offers many things like dynamic entertainment, new and classical architecture, shopping, different sports and cultural institutions. Best tourist attractions of Berlin are described below.

  • Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg was constructed for King Frederick Wilhelm || in 1788. It was created in the inspiration of Acropolis entrance in Athens. It is the most-photographed site in Berlin. It contributes much to the culture of the city. In Cold war, it was damaged very badly. But now it is a must see. Visitors must visit to witness the historical changes and history.

  • Museum Island

A group of five museums is named Museum Island. It is an island located between River Spree and kupfergraben. Beautiful and large gardens are clustered on the island. Names of museums are, Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery) has largest collection of 19th century paintings and sculptures, the Altes Museum (Old Museum) houses ancient Greek and Roman artifacts, the Neue Museum (New Museum) displays prehistoric pieces and Egyptian art, the Bode Museum has a large collection of sculptures, coin collections and paintings, and the very famous Pergamon museum is another house of Greek and Babylonian antiquities. Each museum reflects different aspects of art and culture of Germany. The buildings are rich in architecture and gardens are perfect for picnic.

  • The Berlin Wall Memorial and Checkpoint Charlie

The Berlin wall dated back to 1961. It was created to stop people of the eastern city, so they could not move to the western part of the city. In 1989, it was torn down to four meters high and was extended to 155 kilometers. Today, only 1.4-kilometer piece of wall is preserved as Berlin wall memorial. Main highlights are Marienfelde Refugee Center Museum and Visitor Center. The best crossing point between East and West Berlin is Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie, traces the history of human rights.

  • Charlottenburg Palace and Park

In the late 17th century, Charlottenburg was the most important place of residence for the German Royal Family. Then it was converted into a lavish palace with some additions. The highlights of the property are, New Wing having apartments and banqueting halls, State Dining Room, Golden Gallery, Palace Park and Grand Courtyard.

  • Berlin Zoological Gardens

Zoos are great attractions for animals and nature lovers. Zoologischer Garten Berlin is a famous attraction of Berlin. A research says that almost three million guests visit Zoologischer Garten Berlin each year. It was reconstructed completely after WW2. It has a great name in breeding programs. More than 17,000 animals including pandas, lions, polar bears and many others are living there. Aquarium Berlin is the main highlight.

  • The Gendarmenmarkt

It is one of the most stunning squares in the Berlin. Three historic buildings named, The Konzerthaus, The French Cathedral, and the Berlin Cathedral make the best picturesque corner. The Konzerthaus was built in 1821. Schiller Monument is noticeable for its four female figures on the fountain.