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Perth car rental company saved the day!

Posted on 13 March 2018 by admin (0)

So I went for a holiday in Perth, Australia. In short, I had an awesome time over there. But the experience was almost ruined when  a hire car that I booked was cancelled by the company in question themselves at the very last minute! Needless to say, I was very angry at the time as I really needed a car to get around the metropolitan area. What is done is done, so I won’t mention which car company it was. Let bygone be bygone. So what did I do? I looked for another rental company of course. Like I said, I needed a vehicle to get around to do the sightseeing.

Well, I didn’t have to travel far in search for another one. It was literally a ten minute walk from the first place when I stumbled upon Aries Car Rental. The place caught my attention with the advertisement of hiring a car for only $25AUD a day. Now I know I am not  local, but I have seen enough ads for rental cars to know that it was bargain. I know what many of you out there would say: be careful as there might be a catch at that very low price.

When I walked into Aries, I was greeted by a chap named Nick. He was very neatly presented, and listened to my horror story that unfolded before. The fact that he actually listened to me was incredible. So the experience with Aries Car Rental was off to a good start. Nick showed me the pamphlets he had showcasing the different type of cars available to me. To be honest, I was very impressed with their fleet. IT was very comprehensive. From small cars to large people mover, it seemed that they had everything covered.

To cut a long story short, I ended up going with a medium car, something that is not too big but yet had ample of power for my needs.

In wrapping this story up, Aries saved the day! Well, as far as I’m concerned – they were my hero for allowing me to hire a suitable car at the very last minute. Thank you Nick for your patience and showing me the cars. Your help made it easy for me to decide.

So if you happen to read this post and thinking of traveling to Perth, I strongly recommend hiring a car with Aries. See below for their details:

Aries Car Rental

166 Adelaide Terrace

East Perth 6004

(08) 9325 4110